DNA and Evidence prove Shane's Innocence

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March 2019

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Shane in the Early '90s

Early 90s




Family wedding in 2000

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Dear Friend,
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I am a loyal person of strong character and constitution. In short,
I was arrested out of my home on my private land in the middle of
the night (without a felony warrant) for an incident earlier in the
evening while fighting for my life. I was defending my friend.I was
viciously attacked and beaten so badly a gang of drunken punks
broke my leg and pinned me face down for simply trying to get these
 attackers off my unconscious friend. I feared for my life and that of
my friend at which time I pulled my side sheathed buck knife and
fought for my very life. In the process, two of the attackers were hurt.
I was the outsider so I didn't get a fair shake. 
Basically these men were local "good 'ol boys" who's mommies even
know the judge and prosecutors. They wrote the judge and prosecutors
numerous letters painting me as the outsider and some kind of heartless,
crazy monster. But, the actual testimonies from eyewitnesses prove me
to be innocent and far from a heartless monster.
The system told me there were no self-defense laws. 
My public defenders sold me down the river and refused to fight for my
rights. So, I have fought my own appeals these past ten years and
have had multiple rulings by Montana's Supreme Court in my favor.
Rulings ordering my sentencing judge to give me a lawyer and appeal
"as my right" but the eleventh attorney appointed by the judge and
prosecutor (another friend of theirs) sold me out yet again and they've
all worked together to keep me in solitary confinement and oppress me
 and tamper with my rights to access the courts.
I have suffered greatly at the hands of Montana's D.O.C. Supposedly
there's a newly elected judge of department #2 of the 4th district of
Missoula, Montana and even an actual public defender's office was set
up in the state of Montana (out of Butte Montana). However, I have
been transferred around the country and am barely able to keep my
head above water in defending my prisoner's rights because I have
no representation
You can write to me (address above at left).
Or, if you think of any other way to help get my message out to all 
the newspapers and people of Montana, please do.
Most Sincerely,

Shane B. McClanahan





Shane McClanahan, #2033707

700 Conley Lake Rd.

Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Shane in July of 2012Shane in July of 2012

Shane playing pool

Shane at Deer Lodge, MT

6'2", 252 lbs.

Shane in prison yard

Deer Lodge, MT



Learning to use black powder

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