Good News for Shane McClanahan

UPDATE: On 1/3/2022 U.S. Attorney Generals office with judge ruled for me (the plaintiff) & I quote "In reviewing the trial courts decision, we accept the factual allegations the plaintiff has made in his complaint as true & interpret those facts & all inferences drawn from them in the light most favorable to the plaintiff, which include retaliations by guards et,al., failure to intervene for plaintiff, lack of heat & warm clothing, delay & neglect of cancer treatment & care, depravation of personal properties, t.v. et,al., threats & verbal abuses, solitary confinement, denial of religious rights & other serious 6th & 8th amendment violations" [please see: amontague@agutah.gov/ shane mcclanahan v. U.s.p m.s.p et,al., case no.:180903127