DNA and Evidence prove Shane's Innocence

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UPDATE - 12/1/13

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UPDATE - 6/2/013

I applied to the

United States court of

appeals for the ninth

circuit at Ca9.courts.gov

#13-35156 and #13-35157.

I am now supposed to go

back to Montana’s U.S.

District Court to appeal for

reasons that the District

Court erred and it looks

like this could continue

perpetually. I am

stuck Read more.


UPDATE - 5/15/2013

In retaliation for exercising

my rights to the courts and

appealing to the 9th circuit

Federal Appeals Courts in

San Francisco,Read more.



UPDATE - 8/15/2012


Court documents
by Shane

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UPDATE - 6/22/2012

The court Responded!

The Montana Federal Appeals Court in #CV-11-092 and CV-11-117 Document 36 at www.mtd.uscourts.gov,  or, www.pacer.gov,
finally responded to my appeals with a very complex and combined order for me and the state to file a response within 14 days. Read more.


UPDATE - 5/30/2012

The 3rd judicial court, Powell County, Deerlodge, MT, ordered the prison to respond to why they are violating Shane's due process - case #DV-12-07. Read more.


UPDATE - 4/11/2012

Montana's self defense laws: on the books since 1917 Read more.

*Article added July, 2012


UPDATE - 3/4/2012

Testimony on July 10th, 2002 at trial, (accessible online at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , #CV-11-92, documents 19-6, pages 86 of 98 through 95 of 98) clears me of previous missrepresentation.

Read more.

UPDATE - 1/1/2012

If you want to visit me, please visit the prison website: www.cor.mt.gov

Under contacts, call and find out the visitor application process. Fill out all paperwork and follow their rules.


UPDATE - 12/1/2011

All transcripts are now available on the court's site. Lawyers please pay particular attention to the documents 11-11 through 11-18 in CV-11-117-M-DWM-JCL. And, thank you everyone for your continued love, prayers & support.

UPDATE - 6/24/2011

My federal appeals can be accessed online at: www.mtd.uscourts.gov



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