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UPDATE - June, 2013

I applied to the United States court of appeals for the ninth circuit at Ca9.courts.gov #13-35156 and #13-35157.

I am now supposed to go back to Montana’s U.S. District Court to appeal for reasons that the District Court errored

and it looks like this could continue perpetually. I am stuck in constant “catch 22” and I am still without proper

representation. SEE NEW DOCUMENT in full on this site. Click link.

The bottom line is that I need a federal appellate attorney. Will someone help me please?

Please click on this up-dated link and it will take you directly to the site. Then, look up my latest

appeal at Ca9.uscourts.gov Thank you.

I can still file a “Post Conviction Relief” as well because the sentencing 4th district court of Missoula errored

and has to wait to afford me a post conviction relief until my

appeals are exhausted.


UPDATE - May, 2013

California, I am being subjected to further cruel and unusual treatments in

violation of the 8th amendment. I have filed suit in an attempt to defend myself.

I need everyone’s love, support and help. Please follow my suit

at: www.mtd.uscourts.gov, McClanahan vs. Kirkegard



UPDATE - June 22, 2012

The fact is that the courts refused my right to assistance of council covered

under federal and state law (MTA 47-1-104). The court knows all too well

that I have no hands-on access to a law library or any type of legal assistance.

Basically, the entire government, with all it’s unlimited resources is against one

citizen at a time. They are still singling me out and pushing me into a corner in

every way they can imagine, putting my safety and life in danger, here at

their prison. All to which, I am simply without any recourse or redress whatsoever.

UPDATE - May 30, 2012

 Prison officials are retaliating by putting Shane's life in danger, abusing their

favorite inmate to try and turn Shane's fellow convicts against him. They are

creating a very volatile and violent environment. They have continued to

withhold his mail and have been stopping some out-going mail - to and

from friends, supporters and family.

UPDATE - March 11, 2012

Montana's self defense laws: on the books since the 1970s are over 30 pages on

self defense in Montana codes annotated laws "M.C.A. Annotations under §45-3-102,

page 162, Duty to Retreat as long as you are not the first aggressor and as long

as you are being attacked and as long as you fear for your life. You do not need

to retreat but can stand your ground and use any means necessary

including taking your assailant's life.


UPDATE - March 4, 2012

Over the ten years I’ve been incarcerated I’ve been continually prejudiced

against for what boils down to the arresting deputy (the day before 9/11),

making deliberate material misrepresentations in his sworn arresting affidavit

claiming I made terrorist threats and caused my own injuries which the

Missoulian Paper posted on their front page.

Although this deputy completely flopped on his testimony on July 10th, 2002

at trial, (accessible online at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , #CV-11-92, documents 19-6,

pages 86 of 98 through 95 of 98, which cleared me), this became a political black eye.

The state has tried covering up by not correcting anything and having fired this

deputy and repeatedly trying to brush it all, me included, under the rug. The months

between 9/11 and trial were filled with tortures and abuses that seriously changed

me forever! My time has been hell on earth. I’ve got a 175 year sentence and was

even accused and convicted of jail house rape without a shred of evidence

(# CV-11-117) with no DNA and nothing except prejudice. I’ve had to fight

for my very life in half a dozen times when guards and these administrators set

me up, then turned their back on me. They have even tried lying and

manipulating my family and friends.


Respectfully, Shane